Developing your managers skills
is a golden opportunity to dramatically improve not only their overall effectiveness, but also team performance.

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How to Develop, Motivate and
Have Your Managers Perform at Their Best

In a nutshell, we train and coach managers to be the boss everyone wants to work for.

Great managers encourage their people to develop their full potential. As a result they naturally motivate their staff to want to contribute to the organizations’s goals. The results can be dramatic, including better communication, higher productivity, lower absenteeism, and fewer highly skilled staff quitting and working for the competition.

We do that through tested and proven Leadership Development, Coaching and Change Management programs.

Our Happy Clients

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What Our Clients Say

“As part of our coaching meetings, I learned several processes and methods that now allow me to better understand and engage the people I manage. I enjoyed the personalized approach Marie-Claude uses, her active listening and the fact that it brought me, as a coachee, to find the answers by myself. I also realized that I can use this coaching approach when dealing with my own employees. This type of coaching is very suitable for managers, regardless of their experience level. However, managers must be ready to accept to be out of his/her comfort zone to really develop. I am very satisfied with the quality of the results achieved during the coaching process and would not hesitate to recommend Marie-Claude as a coach.”

Francis Letarte-Lavoie, P.Eng
Technical Department Head
Koniambo Nickel SAS

“Marie-Claude joined my team at a busy time fraught with change. Her ability to integrate quickly with the team and to master new training content in record time was exactly what we needed. Her facilitation skills are solid and our participants greatly appreciated her dynamic style. She can explain concepts clearly and she gets involved in in-depth conversations with participants during interactive activities. Her ability to link participants’ contributions with different aspects of the content enables them to go beyond the surfaces.”

Sylvie-Marie Hèroux – Manager Global Business Services
Rio Tinto