Exceeding Expectations

We’ve had the privilege to work with a large number of Canada’s leading corporations over the years on a variety of assignments. Our goal for each intervention we work on is to:

Deliver solutions that achieve results,

Allow you to sleep at night knowing that you collaborate with an experienced senior consultant, and as needed, a team of highly experienced consultants in their respective field of specialization, and

Deliver on time and on budget without excuses. That’s our promise!

When you hire us, you can be assured that we’ll take ownership of your project as if it were our own. When your project is delivered we believe your experience and comments will echo those of our clients, some of whose comments appear below.

A few client comments

Our Clients

“Marie-Claude we really enjoyed our one day training. The comments from the team at the end of the day were equally positive. Thank you for the formula that you presented to improve the interaction among team members. We have been following your plan of action and can confirm that we’re seeing significant benefits.”

Vice President
Public Affairs and Communication
Laurentian Bank

“The extremely positive comments received from participants and management indicate that our recent corporate meeting was a huge success. Your professionalism, concern for detail and creativity, laid the groundwork for hosting a dynamic two-day event. The approaches you suggested allowed us to keep the meeting interesting and stimulating, even though the information presented was complex. All in all, you inspired us and delivered beyond our expectations.”

Diane Lafleur
Project Management Director,
AXCAN Pharma, Canada

“I had the chance to work with Marie-Claude during a major organisational change. As early as the first meeting, she understood very quickly the challenges we were facing and she suggested a simple and efficient approach. She goes right to the point, suggests solutions that fits with our environment and ensures that her suggestions answer our needs. We feel that she has the experience. In addition, as a person, it is very easy to work with her.”

Human Resources Director
AXA Insurance, Canada

“Thank you Marie-Claude for your excellent and very helpful contribution. Your expertise, knowledge, innovative ideas and suggestions helped us formulate new ways to improve the school’s administration during this period of rapid growth. We have already implemented many of the suggested changes and are seeing very positive results.”

Laura Ellington
Founder and Director
Incultura, Costa Rica
International Language School

“Marie-Claude is very inspiring, she really embodies what she teaches and in my opinion, that’s the greatest quality of a real coach. The workshop Marie-Claude led, that I attended was instructive, fun and had great content. I left the workshop full of energy, ready to take action.”

Linda Duchesne
Coach et présidente d’une entreprise de coaching

“Marie-Claude coached me to re-direct my approach and achieve results that I otherwise was not able to attain. Her ability to help me assess the situation and see solutions that were creative and different than I otherwise would have taken, made all the difference in being able to work with different people in the office. The key to being able to improve our working relationship and achieve the results was in the approach to look at what type of person the employee was and how/what steps I needed to take to address this.”

Ann Mackay
Accounting & Human Resources Director
Drummond Inc.,