Executive Coaching

Enhancing Leadership Skills

Coaching can accelerate the leadership skills development of your executives and managers by helping:

  1. Those who are already meeting their expectations to turn into star performers;
  2. Those that you want to prepare to become tomorrow’s leaders; and
  3. Those who face new challenges as a result of a promotion or new responsibilities.

A fast track to developing leaders.

To stay on top of today’s fast paced business world, corporations need to develop their leaders, and the fastest way to do so is through coaching.

Coaching does work. Benefits realized by our clients include:

Increased confidence in their role as a leader
Enhanced communication skills
Enhanced thinking and decision making skills
Increased effectiveness in productivity and time-management skills
Gaining new perspectives on personal challenges and opportunities
Developing new ways to attack old problems
Providing an independent and confidential “sounding board”
Understanding and adapting to the challenges of managing younger workers whose work ethics and values are different than their own.

Substantial ROI

7x ROIIn addition to the benefits each coachee experiences, the corporation also experiences a substantial ROI. According to the 2009 International Coach Federation Global Coaching Client Study, corporations that hire professional business coaches see a median return on investment of seven times their initial investment.

What Coaching Can Do

Do you have an otherwise successful senior executive or middle manager on your team who is struggling in certain areas and as a result, limiting their potential and contribution? Perhaps it’s time management, prioritization, delegation, communication issues, team leadership or an other management challenge.

Coaching is an effective tool and can have a huge impact on identifying and breaking down the barriers that prevent an executive or manager from performing at the top of their ability.

When leadership skills need to be improved, executive coaching is a viable solution.

Why Hire Marie-Claude Perrault?

Marie-Claude is a Certified ICF coach (International Coach Federation). She has been coaching business clients for the past eight years. Her experience, knowledge, empathy, management skills, and ability to “connect” with people can help your organization significantly improve the performance of your key executives and managers.

We would be happy to discuss how we can help your organization’s leaders perform at the “top of their game”, with a customized coaching program. Call Marie-Claude at 514-337-6556 to start the conversation.

Client Testimonials

“We have been using the coaching services of Marie-Claude Perrault at Xstrata Nickel since 2010 and are totally satisfied with the results and the quality of her interventions. Her professional and innovative approach inspires our managers. Marie-Claude quickly adapts to the context of each individual and helps them progress according to their own challenges, in order to reach their goals. We only have positive comments about her.”

Gabriel Bandet
Human Resources
GlencoreXstrata Nickel, Montreal and New Caledonia

“Marie-Claude is an exceptional coach. Above the knowledge and experience she has acquired over the years, we truly feel that coaching is an integral part of her way of being with people. With her great listening skills, her powerful questions and her pragmatic personality, she allowed me to quickly move toward my goals. Thank you Marie-Claude!”

Anne Boucher, M.Sc., CHRP
Senior Consultant and Partner
Normandin Beaudry, Montréal

“Through our coaching sessions, I’ve gained awareness and knowledge which now allows me to better understand and engage my staff. I appreciated very much the personalized approach Marie-Claude uses, her great listening skills and her powerful questions which led me time after time to discover new ways of finding solutions by myself. I’m very satisfied with the quality of the results I achieved through this process.”

Francis Letarte-Lavoie P. Eng.
Technical Department Head
Koniambo Nickel, New Caledonia

“Marie-Claude coached me to re-direct my approach and achieve results that I otherwise was not able to attain. Her ability to help me assess the situation and see solutions that were creative and different than I otherwise would have taken, made all the difference in being able to work with different people in the office. The key to being able to improve our working relationship and achieve the results was in the approach to look at what type of person the employee was and how/what steps I needed to take to address this.”

Ann Mackay
Accounting & Human Resources Director
Drummond Inc., Montreal

“I participated in a coaching business process with Marie-Claude Perrault through our organization’s Leadership Development Program. As a new leader, the coaching allowed me to develop myself and feel more comfortable with my new responsibilities. Through several months, I had to deal with a very difficult employee and the coaching Marie-Claude provided really helped me to see clearer and do what I needed to do. Her listening skills, her professionalism, her availability and flexibility as well as the results that I have achieved makes me highly recommend her services as a professional coach.”

Kenny Cheong Youne
Senior Engineer, Mining Projects
GlencoreXstrata, Montreal

“After completing the questionnaire provided by Marie-Claude, I realized to my big surprise that one of the problems that I was having with a colleague was related to our different communication styles. I’m totally focused on results where he’s more concerned about people. Marie-Claude quickly helped us to adjust our ways of working together in order to achieve our goals while meeting our extremely tight deadlines.”

Entrepreneur and Project Manager

“I have had the chance to be coached by Marie-Claude Perrault of Mango Strategic Intervention and I really benefited from the process. Being supported through my progress in reaching my goals was truly and greatly appreciated. She shared some tools specific to the different challenges I faced through the process. Sympathetic, efficient, funny at times, and able of amazing listening describe well who she is.”

Carole St. Onge
Senior Supervisor, Prevention Strategies
GlencoreXstrata, Quebec

“I’ve had the opportunity to be coached by Marie-Claude Perrault during several months through our company leadership development program. Our coaching sessions helped me to progress at several levels and helped me to make difficult decisions as manager. I specially remember a tool that she shared with me to prepare for difficult conversations with my staff. I continue to use this tool even in my personal life. Thank you Marie-Claude!”

Pierre d’Aragon
Senior Manager
Xstrata Nickel, Montreal

“Marie-Claude is very inspiring and totally embodies what she talks about which is according to me, the best quality of a real coach. She shares her energy and her way of coaching inspires and prepares us to take action.”

Linda Duchesne
Coach and Founding Partner
Duchesne Coaching de Transition, Montreal