Team Coaching

Can Your Team Perform Better?

One only has to look at the world of sports for examples of what exceptional teamwork, communication, mutual respect and understanding can accomplish. Corporate teams are really no different from sports teams. To be successful, team members need to:

Encourage and support each other
Recognize and appreciate each other’s competencies
Be flexible and ready to provide support when called on
Know how to listen to each team member’s opinion, and
Believe in teamwork

Building a team that you can count on to deliver month after month, requires a game plan. Your employees have different personalities, communication styles, objectives, and personal agendas. As a result it’s likely you have multiple situations where team dynamics and performance are not at their best.

It’s Time to Change All That!

Our high performance team sessions quickly show that a highly functioning team with improved communication skills can perform extraordinarily well.

Participants are fully immersed in meaningful and rewarding exercises designed for fast learning and a memorable experience.

We Cover Items Such As:

The history of our team: recognizing what’s already working well.
Who I am at my best: discovering what each employee excels at and how can he/she can best contribute to the team.
Explore how the concepts behind the following models can help the individuals and the team to better understand and improve their interactions:
The Drama Triangle from Stephen Karpman
Non Violent Communication from Marshall Rosenberg
The Communicators Styles according to Solange Cormier
Emotional intelligence based on research from Daniel Goleman
Develop an action plan to ensure team engagement and a follow-up.

The Result:

Employees who understand what it takes to be part of a highly successful team. And successful teams produce results fast, with passion and a sense of fulfillment.

Team coaching sessions may just be what your organization needs to rekindle that driving passion that produces winners and stellar corporate results.

What would improving your team’s performance and communication skills mean to you and your corporation?

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“We all very much appreciated our day with you. The comments I received from my team the next day were all very laudatory. Thank you so much for the approach you suggested. We continue to benefit from the session as we are using our action plan rigorously.”

Vice-president, Public Affairs
Communications and Investors Relations
Major Canadian Bank, Montreal